Certificate System Q&A
LKM Certificate
What does the "Date" on the certificate mean?
  • This is the date of placing orders with LKM.
Is it possible to request amendments on the Certificates of Purchase?
  • Amendments are not permitted for data integrity reasons.
Can I request a paper-based LKM certificate?
  • We only supply LKM certificate in digital format.
The purchaser's name on my certificate is in the form of a number, or a code. Why?
  • This probably means the distribution agent entered an invalid identity. Since data cannot be altered, We suggest purchasers insist and check their agents enter the full, correct purchaser identity at the time of ordering.
Is it possible to request original mill certificates for premium branded steel products?
  • LKM is an authorised distributor for these imported brands, and is an ideal source for genuine imported materials. The LKM Certificate System is already widely used amongst high-end mould makers, and a valid LKM_ID should be sufficient for most business purposes. Should you require the original mill certificate, please contact our sales department.
The "dimensions" section only indicates 2 numbers (e.g. 30**100). What does it mean?
  • The item is a rod, and its dimensions are displayed in the format diameter**length.
How accurate is the chemical contents on the Certificates of Purchase?
  • The chemical contents are typical of the steel grade concerned and should only be used as general reference.