Past News
2012-12-10Mr. WuZhongze visited Heyuan Lung Kee  

Our company leaders welcomed Mr. WuZhongze at the South Factory Premise of Heyuan Lung Kee, the Committee Member & the former Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, accompanied by the government leaders of Heyuan, visited Heyuan Lung Kee on 9 December 2012. 

Mr.WuZhongze listened to the company establishment history, technology innovation and future development plan of our company before the antitype of Heyuan Lung Kee, seriously looked at the display at the product show room, affirmed the production advancement of Heyuan Lung Kee.  Mr. Wu exclaimed the steadfastness of Lung Kee in production innovation drove successful expansion in past, and encouraged Lung Kee actively come across every difficulty and keep improving competitiveness in front of rigid changing circumstances within China and internationally that affect enterprises, and further strengthen Lung Kee to achieve future successes!

2012-10-27Heyuan Lung Kee Precision Mould Factory Opening Ceremony  

The opening of ribbon-cutting ceremony of Heyuan Lung Kee Precision Mould Factory taken place in the morning of 26th October 2012.  Members of Directors Board of Heyuan Lung Kee, Secretary of Municipal Party Committee of Heyuan, and the government leaders of Heyuan participated.

Precision Mould Factory premise covers an area of 60 acres, has completed building up central controlled air-conditioning workshop over 24,000 square meters.  Filled up with over 140 CNC machines to form the large scale production line, together with introduction of imported high precision & high efficiency facilities, Heyuan Lung Kee Precision Mould Factory specializes in producing high precision customized made moulds and high precision swap boards, high precision mould products sell throughout many countries of Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Australia, will be the biggest production base of high precision mould worldwide when full production enacted soon.

2012-09-17LKM organized The Outbound Training Camp  

The LKM Outbound Training Camp, organized by the Culture Promotion Committee, successfully been held on 14th & 15th September, and was participated by over 40 managers from LKM Heyuan .

The Training Camp composed of two sections - Seminar & Training.  Discussion topic“Efficient Team Building”raised by Director Anthony Fung, was independently reviewed by every participant then shared among all others, followed by a seminar given by Director Anthony Fung, further explains ways establishing the high efficiency team by joint efforts.  Inspired by the drama of“A Struggling Restaurant ”, resulted in the subsequent interactive case study discussions & opinion sharing in groups.  Together with commentary by company leaders, strengthened the core topic of“Creation of Efficient Team with Mutual Trust & Aid by Positive Encouragement”understanding by all participants of the training camp. 

Trust & Cooperative Spirit was built up among participants as result of activities of group discussion and team building exercise, for the sake achieving common goals.  Application of trusty cooperation was further consolidated via a number of physical exercises, involving lifting colleagues high up in the air!

A lot more programs completed in teamwork and individual were arranged, created further excitement, reinforced above training topic.

Spirit of Creativity, Cooperative Communication, Mutual Trust & Aid, and High Efficiency of Execution Strategy were effectively implemented & consolidated by this training camp, which in return greatly increased LKM team spirits of Cohesion & Total Efficiency.  Attendants felt thankful to these two days training opportunity that might be a perpetual spiritual wealth they gained via this Outbound Training Camp organized by LKM.


2012-08-15Heyuan Lung Kee receives the honorable prize of   

The broadcast ceremony organized by the China Mechanical Corporation Management Society about the 2012 “Analysis Report of the China Best 500 Mechanicals” & “World Best 500 Mechanicals” was held in Beijing on the 31st July 2012.  Heyuan Lung Kee under the Lung Kee Group ranked 162nd out of the other 500 best, raised for 8 ranks than the last year.

Assessment of the event adopts the worldwide standard of CVA model in evaluating corporation competence in the world class laboratory of the World.  The substantial evaluation mainly collaborates all aspects of Sales Revenue, Gross Profits, Rating of Profits against Capital and the Increase Rate, with the concern on the industrial differences and the corporation reputation index.  All the 500 Best corporations come from 7 industries, including General Machinery Manufacturing, Traffic & Travel Machinery Manufacturing, Electronics & Mechanical Machinery Manufacturing, and Metal Utensils Manufacturing. 

The "China Best 500 Mechanicals" have affirmed by China market and recorded active participation by loads of candidates throughout the past 10 years, implies its extensive influential power and authority in the market and in the industry.  The fact that Heyuan Lung Kee be given the award for the 8th time this year, with the ever upsurge ranking year by year, is a reflection of the ever increasing competitiveness & strength of Lung Kee Group.

2012-07-24Heyuan Lung Kee receives the honorable prize of   

At the activity organized by the Union of Mould & Tool of China in Shanghai, Heyuan Lung Kee was given the prize of "The Backbone Enterprise of Standardized Products of China" again this year.

Those 50 companies winners awarded of this prize ranges across manufacturing industries of car, casting, stamping, plastic, electronic appliance and glass.  The standardized insertion parts manufactured by Heyuan Lung Kee received prizes among two of these industries. 

Heyuan Lung Kee stands firm on the ground of new product development by the ever innovative marketing strategy, together with the endeavor in setting up standardization for the mould & tool industry in China over the last decades accumulates the success of market share development of Lung Kee LKM in China market, the root reason of our award of the prize of "The Backbone Enterprise of Mould & Tool Standardized Product if China".

2012-06-20LKM Basketball Championship–Finals  

The action-packed, hugely entertaining annual LKM Basketball Championship came to a successful conclusion on the 19th June, 2012, featuring teams from production department and manufacturing support departments competing for the championship crown.

Manufacturing support department was able to capitalise on a series of errors by the production department, and established a healthy lead during the early sessions. Despite a courageous effort from production department, manufacturing support held its lead for throughout and finished the match as the worthy champion.

With almost 30 teams competing this year, the basketball championship is one of the most popular events on the LKM social calendar, and offers fantastic opportunities for colleagues to enjoy life outside regular work commitments.

2012-05-17LKM Basketball Tournament  

The annual LKM Basketball Tournament has started!

17 male and 12 female teams from various LKM sites will compete against each other over the coming weeks, first in the form of regional mini-leagues, with the winners progressing to the knock-out stages.

Basketball is hugely popular at LKM, and the tournament has become a permanent fixture on the event calendar. Spectators and colleagues alike can look forward to a festival of skills, teamwork, friendship and joy.

2012-04-13LKM 2011-2012 Soccer League   

The LKM Soccer League, now in its third year, came to a successful close on the evening of 12th April, 2012.

This year saw 10 teams competing against each other over the course of 8 months, cumulating in the grand final featuring Engineering Department, runners-up from previous year, and a much-improved QC Department. In this exciting match, Engineering Department conceded an early goal, but managed to finish the match as the winner due to superior tactical awareness and teamwork.

2012-03-052012 LKM Chinese New Year Banquet  

On 3rd March 2012, the annual LKM Chinese New Year Banquet was held at the five-star Great International Hotel Heyuan, which was attended by the LKM management staff and the winners of the “long-term service” awards.

During the dinner, Siu Tit Lung, the Group Chairman, gave the keynote speech, recognising the effort of the LKM staff in this turbulent economic climate, and encouraged everyone to aim higher still in the coming year.

This banquet followed the great traditions established in past years, filling the venue with a festive atmosphere with award ceremonies, magic and music performance, and ever-popular “all you can grab” cash draws. 

2012-02-27“Staff and Family Weekend” for LKM China management team  

On 24th February 2012, members of LKM China management team and their families travelled to Hong Kong for a 3-day city tour. Itinerary of the tour included the Peak, Madame Tussauds, Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong Disneyland and a seafood buffet at the 5 star Intercontinental Hotel. It was a wonderful opportunity for the participants to take a well-deserved break from their busy work schedules and relax with their families and friends.

2012-02-042012 Recruitment Drive  

There is no doubt 2012 will be an important and exciting year for LKM, as we seek to expand our business in both Southern and Eastern China. As such, LKM has launched an aggressive recruitment effort, starting today.

LKM is looking for a wide spectrum of talents. Whether you are front-line machine operators, sales representatives, engineers or operation managers, at LKM you can turn your expertise into fruitful contribution.

LKM will be attending various large scale recruitment events in Guangdong Province in the coming months. Alternatively, you can upload your CV through our recruitment section.

2012-01-172011 LKM Customer Survey  

As part of LKM’s continuous effort to improve services to customer, the 2011 LKM Customer Survey was conducted several weeks ago and we are pleased to present the findings.

The satisfaction score in 2011 was 82.5, marking a modest improvement compare to previous year. The survey also identified several areas where more effort is required. LKM will actively target and address these areas of weaknesses, in order to deliver an even better overall service performance to our customers.

2012-01-172011 LKM Corporate Culture Evening  

The annual LKM Corporate Culture Evening was held at LKM Heyuan on the evening of 16th January 2012.The event was attended by the Board of Directors, as well as colleagues from Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taizhou and Changping.

During the evening, the corporate culture committee reviewed the events that took place during the previous year, and invited several activity groups (such as Tai-Chi, badminton, yoga, dance, soccer, basketball, bridge, table tennis) to present year-end reports. Another highlight of the evening was the “Employee/Department of the Year” awards ceremony, which highlighted and commended the outstanding contributions made by LKM staff. 

The evening reached a climax towards the end of the event, when Mr Tit-Lung Siu, the Chairman of Lung Kee Group, announced the 2012 corporate culture theme to be “Communication, Sympathy, Determination, Commitment”.

2011-11-29Professor Liu Yuan Zhang visited LKM Heyuan  

On 28th November, 2011, Professor Liu Yuan Zhang, accompanied by leaders of Heyuan City, visited LKM Heyuan. Professor Liu is widely regarded as the “Father of Quality Management” in China, and holds various academic positions in institutions such as the Academy of Mathematics and System Science, Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Shanghai University.

Professor Liu, 86, projected a mix of youthful energy and enthusiasm that was envied by many, as he learned and enquire about LKM’s quality management system. Professor Liu was impressed by LKM’s effort in standardisation and encouraged LKM to continue this drive in order to achieve excellence in the years ahead.

2011-11-18Vice Governor of Guangdong Province visited LKM Heyuan  

On 18th November, 2011, Chen Yin, the Vice Governor of Guangdong Province visited LKM Heyuan. He was accompanied by Chen Jianhua, the Party Secretary of CPC Heyuan and Peng Chien Wen, the city Mayor.

The party was greeted by Tony Ting, our executive director, who also gave them a tour of the production facility. Vice Governor Chen was particularly impressed with production capabilities at workshop no.5, and expressed hope that LKM Heyuan can build on its current success and achieve an even brighter future.

2011-10-18LKM Sports Competition 2011  

Spanning over a month, the 2011 LKM Sports Competition finally came to a close on the 17th October, 2011.

This year’s competition attracted over 2,000 employees, participating in events such as 100m sprints, tug-o-war, badminton and table tennis. The heats began in early September, with winners from regional rounds competing in the grand finals on the final day. Members of the LKM senior management also made guest appearances in several non-scoring events, pushing the spirit of the grand finals to a high.

2011-09-23Vice President of Peking University visited LKM Heyuan  

On 23rd September 2011, a delegation led by Ju Chuanjin, Vice President of Peking University visited LKM Heyuan. Executive director Michael Mak, himself an alumni of this prestigious institution, gave the delegation a comprehensive tour of LKM Heyuan, including workshops and living quarters. Vice President Ju was impressed by the development of LKM, and wished the company every success in staying at the forefront of the mould base industry.